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The Registration Process

Our website is powered by Blue Sombrero, which is a free website design tool provided by Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Because of this, there are some things over which we do not have control, like the semantics of what “Register” means, or overall how the process goes.

The buttons at the top of the Jr Colts site say “REGISTER” and “LOGIN” when you first come to the page.  Once you have registered and logged in, these buttons will say “MY ACCOUNT” and “LOGOUT”.

So, if you want to register a player for the Jr Colts, the first thing you will do, by clicking on the “REGISTER” button, is create a new user account.  This account will allow you to register players, but it also provides us with contact information and allows us to send out important communications to you, so it is important that parents go through this process.  Players can also create their own accounts, which allows them to have access to restricted pages, such as playbooks, and Hudl game film.

After you have added your contact information, the registration wizard will allow you to add a “participant” which is the player, and select a “program”, which for our purposes is a grade level.  Other youth sports programs and leagues that use this software may have multiple programs on their site, such as multiple sports or activities, multiple seasons, multiple teams per age level, etc.


Fees and Payment Options 

Registration is free.   What does that mean?  It means we want everybody to sign up so we have an idea of our roster numbers, but we know not everybody wants to or can pay early.  The software wants to handle the payments for us, which is great, but it means the only way to not accept at least a minimum payment at registration time is to allow for payment by check.  This assumes a check will be mailed or handed to somebody.  However, selecting pay by check when you register, doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind and go back and pay by credit card.

Participation Fees

The fee to play is $325.  This is based strictly on our costs divided by the number of players we anticipate having.  Game fields, practice lights, referees, and helmets and shoulder pads are expensive.  We are constantly working to keep this cost as low as possible through fundraisers and cost cutting measures.We can also solicit tax exempt donations.

Discounts and Promotions

·         Full Payment Early Bird Discount – Pay in full before June 1st and take $25 off, and receive a Jr Colts car sticker, a t-shirt, and a certificate for 2 free group training sessions at Elite Football Academy.

·         Minimum Payment Early Bird Discount – Pay a $50 non-refundable deposit before March 31st and take $25 off your balance due, and receive a Jr Colts car sticker and a t-shirt.

·         Multiple Family Member Discount – Take $50 off of the participation fee for each additional participant beyond your first player.  This may be combined with the Early Bird Discount for the first player.