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Parent Concerns

If you have any concerns about playing time or any other issues, we ask that you first try to talk to your head coach, and refrain from negative comments to your child or to other parents, especially in front of your children.  We hope you understand this is important because these comments undermine our relationship with the kids and diminish our ability to teach them.  

Secondly, please remember that we are volunteers, not professionals, and try to give us the benefit of the doubt that we do this because we care about kids and want what is best for all of them on our team.  

For everyone's sake, please discuss any concerns away from other players or parents, and wait at least a day after a game, whether a loss or a win, so that all can sleep on it and have a better perspective.  

A phone call in many cases is better than a face to face meeting, especially if there is some tension.

If you are unable to resolve an issue directly with your head coach, please feel free to contact our Director.

Tips for Parents