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Where it all Started

The first Jr. Colts teams were formed and played in 1999 with a 7th and 8th grade team only.  The following year, 6th grade was added.  In 2001, the first board of directors was formed by Mark Little and Scott Marth, who at the time were second year coaches for the 8th grade.  Mark Little is pictured here in the foreground, and that is Scott Marth in the background holding a clipboard, obscured by one of our original helmets. At this time the league included feeder teams for all of the Parkway and Rockwood high schools, as well as many of the teams from what are now the Suburban West and GAC Football Leagues.  In 2002, the Parkway and Rockwood teams broke away from the larger league to form an 8 team league, and the Park-Rock league was created.

In 2002, the board of directors for the Junior Colts was expanded as the position of business manager was added for each grade level, and an equipment manager for the entire program was added as well.

A few years later, Parkway South left the Park-Rock league and joined the Suburban West at the request of their high school coaches to closer align with the high school conference.  Soon after, the Park-Rock League added the Pattonville Jr. Pirates and the league was back to 8 programs.

Over the years, the Jr Colts have been very successful, with a tradition of continuous improvement for our players, our coaches, and our organization.  We have won more than our fair share of games, and have had undefeated seasons.  We purchased and donated the trap chute on the practice field to the high school varsity program.  We have played on some of the worst grass fields in some of the worst conditions, and now we play on a fantastic turf field in the high school stadium.  Our players have gone on to play in state championships for Parkway Central High School, and several players have gone on to receive NCAA Division I scholarships, and not just for football or sports.

In 2016, Mark Little retired after finishing up his remarkable 5th time around the middle school grade levels.  To put this tenure in perspective, the kids on his last 8th grade team were born 3 years after Mark began coaching for our program.  His contributions to the Jr. Colts, especially his dedication and determination to use football as a mechanism to build outstanding young citizens for their family, school, and community, are immeasurable, and will go on long after his departure, even as some of these same young men are now coming back to coach.

In 2017, Scott Marth became the Director of the Jr Colts for his 3rd term in this position, and is also serving as the Park-Rock Football League President in his 3rd year.  In January, 2017, the Park-Rock board of directors voted to add the Ritenour Jr Huskies program to our league.  Ritenour High School is a regular opponent for many of the programs already in Park-Rock, and they are committed to our league mission of positive player development.